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A Special Welcome! - From the Lummi Youth Wellness Center- Manager: Keith Tom

Hello Everyone,

Welcome to the Lummi Youth Sports site! It's been a long time coming, we hope that this resource will be able to help our department communicate better with Lummi Nation youth and their families. We will use this site to keep you up to date with coming events as well as other opportunities that Lummi Youth can participate in. We'd like to take a minute to thank our good friend and proud supporter of the LYR program, Darren Jones for helping us set up this website.


Our mission is dedicated to nurturing the mind, body and spirit of our Lummi youth through health, wellness and culture.


"For the Good of the Child"

We are trying to help our kids find what they love to do and take pride in being Positive Opportunity Providers for your children. There are many physical and mental health benefits for youth to being active. Whether they are active on a basketball court, baseball football or soccer field, skatepark, violin or cello, mountain slope/trail, war canoe, in the boxing ring or even in a dance studio. They are doing what they love to do and are being active in the process. We support the wellness of your child and believe that it is important to provide as many opportunities for our kids to participate in. We are always watching for these kinds of activities for the kids. If you have any suggestions, please bring them to our attention and we'll see how to get involved for the good of the Lummi children.





WHAT IS IT?: A new policy that your child(ren) are eligible for if they fit within the policy guidelines. This policy helps "spread the wealth" and makes funds available to more enrolled Lummi youth.

WHO IS ELIGIBLE?: Enrolled Lummi Youth, Between the ages of 5-19, have missed no more that 10 unexcused days of school and this includes suspension days.

WHY NOW?: To be able help reach out to more enrolled Lummi youth to help them participate in the activities that they love to do. This funding is not limited to just recreational team sports. It is available for, dance lessons, band, drama classes, art classes, snowboarding, etc.

HOW MUCH: $200 for the year of 2014, this includes, but is not limited to, coverage of football season and basketball season fees.

WHERE DO I REGISTER?: Get your applications and Request for Funds forms, At the LYR offices between business hours of 8:30 am -5:00 pm or use the links below.


Procedure to get enrolled into the Drawdown program are as follows:

1. You will fill out the program application for your child(ren). To expedite the process, it will need to be turned in with a copy of Lummi Nation enrollment (Lummi tribal enrollment ID card or CIB from the Lummi Enrollment Department) and a copy of your child's attendance record from school. If your child was enrolled in 2011 or 2012, they will not need to be enrolled again. You will need to bring in the Request for Funds form with accompanying documentation for your request.

2. Once enrollment and school attendance are verified, you will be given a Request for Funds form to be filled out and turned in with a proof of cost from the store or business you are looking to get services or goods from (price quote, cancelled/voided receipt etc.) It will then be determined if you need a Purchase Order or a check and your request will be processed accordingly.

Please come by the office to get more information about the new policy for gettting financial assistance from Lummi Youth Recreation. A copy of the policy will be provided upon request.


Get your Request for Funds form Here







Get your 2014 LYR Fall Sports sign ups here






We are currently taking Spring Sports sign ups. Please get your forms here or come by the office to pick up a packet. We cannot wait to get the kids outside again.




We want to give a special THANK YOU TO ALBERT "Tiel-Kanem" TOBY for always willing to step forward and coordinate and organize Lummi tournaments as well as coach Lummi youth basketball teams. He has been putting on tournaments for the last 20+ years and has many friends and connections in the basketball community. You can probably ask anybody in Whatcom County about Lummi basketball and Albert's name will most likely be brought up.

Many youth ballers have come through his tournaments throughout the years from Luke Ridnour to Shoni and Jude Schimmel, to local Lummi Ballers like Jerome Toby, Sarah Brady, Dustin Tom, Gale Jefferson, Tawny Julius and many more. Albert has also been willing to step up and coach when needed on many levels, from B&GC to AAU to High School JV and Varsity in the past. He is a firm believer in getting the fundamentals down before moving onto other aspects in the game. His footprint has been firmly placed in Lummi Basketball. Albert has stepped up for our department on more than one occasion and this is very much appreciated. His latest efforts he successfully coordinated the 2011 Stommish Hoops Jam 3on3 tournament. The weekend of June 18th he will be hosting the Toby Last Name tournament here at the Old Lummi Gym. Albert wants to let people know that we are planning more tournaments to take place here in the Lummi Community and wants to get the Old Gym rocking like it used to.




Please have a look around our Lummi Youth Sports site and contact our office anytime with questions or comments at:
(360) 380-6648




Keith Tom, Jr. - Manager

Sarah Brady - Athletic Coordinator

Jerome Toby - Activities Coordinator

Laura Porter -Office Assistant





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