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We want to send a special shout out to Tony Hawk, Miki V. and the staff at the Tony Hawk Foundation. They believed in our skatepark project enough to award us a much needed grant and also to put a stamp of approval on our project. Lummi youth for generations to come, will be able to enjoy a permanent concrete skatepark that is their own. We are gaining momentum as well as much appreciated support from local businesses who are helping get the word out. We need sponsorships and donations. We also want to thank Greg Mize and his crew at Native Skateparks, LLC for all of their work and assistance that they have provided to our skatepark initiative. We are planning some events to help raise funds and get the word out to the community. We have a link to rough draft of a video that has been put together, with AJ Barse at Lummi Communications, for our kids to be able to express the need for a skatepark here at the Lummi Nation. Thank you everybody that has been able to step forward and help out and especially to the Lummi youth who let us know how much they want and need a skatepark here at Lummi.



Jeff Ament, from Pearl Jam, did this amazing and very inspiring short film (about 8 mins) to talk about the importance of skateboarding, and more importantly the benefits of having a skatepark in your community. He was heavily involved with the crew (Walt, Murf, Stronghold Society, Woundedknee Skateboards) that built the skatepark out at the Pine Ridge reservation. This video is truly inspiring and I hope that you feel like you want to get involved in supporting skateboarding in your community after watching it. Skateboarding saves lives.





(2530 Kwina Rd, Bellingham WA 98226)

It was all a dream to have a skatepark here at the Lummi Nation. A group of skateboarding Lummi youth approached us a few years ago expressing their interest in having a skatepark on their homelands. It was a long process that was supported by many great people. From Greg Mize (Native Skateparks) to Sue Phair (late and great skatemom) to Tony Hawk and his foundation to Jay Julius (LIBC Council member) to Robert Pell (Project Manager) to Joe C. (CA Skateparks) and this list can go on and on of the many people who supported this project and we want to thank you all.

A lot of people questioned why have a skatepark at Lummi, "nobody even skateboards out here". I'm sure this is common in any community that is looking to invest in and build a skatepark in their respective communities. We want everybody to know that there is a growing group of young Lummi tribal members who are getting introduced to skateboarding and love being at the skatepark. This group along with the already established skateboarders is developing a great skateboarding community at Lummi. It is here to stay and hopefully we'll be able to add more features to it in the near future.



Here's a couple of videos of our skatepark, one from Empty Roll Productions and the next from the Bellingham Herald.



Thank you Wil Drake and the Emptyroll Productions crew.



Thank you Matt McDonald and the Bellingham Herald.




We got to spend some quality time with Wil Drake and Michael Dyrland getting some footage of some of the boys. Here's what Empty Roll Productions was able to put together for us.



















THE 2012 All Nations Skate Jam

This year's event takes place April 28th and 29th, in Albuquerque, NM. We are looking forward to driving down and representing the Lummi Nation at the National Championships of skateboarding. Native youth from all over the country will journey to compete in the land of chilies.

ANSJ Lummi SK8 crew






The Crew had another great trip to Albuquerque, NM for the 6th Annual All Nations Skate Jam. This time we drove down to Albuquerque. This not only gave us the flexibility to go where we wanted in ABQ, but also gave us the opportunity to see a part of the country that we have never been to before. We were able to make our bonds stronger during this drive. We arrived on Thursday evening, got some dinner and much needed rest. Friday we were able to check out and get acquainted with the Los Altos Skatepark. We then checked out the Skate City skate shop and also thanks to Wayne Bennett and the Short bus, ride the Indian School Rd. Ditch. We found the Alamosa Skatepark as well, which the guys really liked being there. Saturday was competition day, we started off with a great meal at the Waffle House and went to the Los Altos Skatepark. We got there to a great crowd. We got the boys registered and waited for the respective age groups to come up. We were glad to have almost everybody competing this year so we had someone that we knew to cheer for. We had Logan Phair and Christian Foster (Tulalip) take the Best Native in the 13-16 Beginner and Intermediate divisions. We got to see the Creature team pros lead by Darren Naverette and the Zero team lead by Jamie Thomas. We had many good times along the way and this trip will never be forgotten. We have expanded horizons and know that anything is possible. The guys have progressed so much personally and emotionally as individuals as well as improved on their skating abilities and horizons. We want to thank Todd Harder and the All Nations Skate Jam crew for the great hospitality. We were glad to see Steve VanDoren and the Vans crew at the Skate Jam. Got to see Tony Alva rippin it up at the skatepark. Bill Danforth for being a great neighbor at the hotel and all around cool guy. Wayne Bennett for getting us to cruise the ditch again. Thank you all for the awesome experience and those who were supporting us from home.



Hanging out in Albuquerque, NM at the All Nations Skate Jam 2012.


Riding the Indian School Rd Ditch.












With the hopes of helping expand horizons for these Lummi youth, some of the boys got to go on vacation recently with Keith and Reatha Tom and family.

The boys got to go to Crater Lake, Chiloquin for a Pow-wow and the 25th Annual Restoration Days festivities, Collier State Park for a family BBQ, Veteran's Park and the skatepark in Klamath Falls to skate, West Linn Skatepark, Woodburn Outlet mall, and various other spots along the way.

We want to thank Dineen Mike, Cheryl Sanders, Jessie Deardorff, Reatha Tom and the Lummi Systems of Care and all who bought raffle tickets for your contributions to making this trip for these kids possible.

Here's some video from their trip to the Klamath Falls Skatepark


 Expanding Horizons


Four Wheels At A Time







The boys had a blast at the 2011 All Nations Skate Jam. We were able to skateboard around Old Town Albuquerque (photo below), check out other skateparks and spots in the area, meet skating legends Christian Hosoi, Tony Alva, the owner of Vans Steve VanDoren, up and coming young Native skaters like Bryant Chapo, Andrew Langi and Len Yazzen, run the Indian School Rd. Ditch with Tony Alva (above photo), meet up with a good friend Greg Mize, of Native Skateparks, and have a good time doing all of this. This was a great bunch of boys to travel with. They each had a great experience and can't wait till next year. We want to thank Todd Harder and his crew for making their dream come true, in order for not only youth from our community but Native youth from all over the country to be able to anticipate and attend this kind of event. If you would like some information on our trip to Albuquerque, please contact Keith at


Thank you Corey Warren and Dylan Warnberg from INNATE for the decks that the boys took to Albuquerque. They were asked many times about where they got their awesome decks from and "if they were sponsored by Pocket Pistols Skateboards".



If you've ever been on a skateboard, you would immediately notice the muscle usage that it takes to just stand and balance on a board.

A skateboarder uses much energy and core muscles throughout his/her body to perfect their tricks. Once this trick is mastered a common sense of pride and accomplishment sets in, and this happens for each individual skateboarder throughout their skill progression. This skateboarder then moves on to the next trick or set of tricks to master and these good, positive feelings begin to accumulate within this youth. These are just some effects and processes that shape a skateboarders outlook on his/her life and accomplishments. Please ask a skateboarder what it's like to get their tricks down and add it to their ever growing arsenal.




We're hoping to be able to help as many Lummi youth as we can to ensure that skateboarding is an activity that is sustained for years to come here at the Lummi Nation.

We know the healthy benefits and positive effects that skateboarding can bring into a youth's life. There are no fees to join a team or group, no weight limits to be on a skateboard, it can be done alone or in a group, and most kids keep trying until they can successfully and repeatedly land that trick. This type of focus and dedication is what keeps the kids coming back to their skateboards and perfecting what they love to do and most importantly, SKATEBOARDING SAVES LIVES!!!




We want to thank our local business partners WWS Boardshop and INNATE for helping us get our Lummi youth on skateboards.


Please have a look around our Lummi Youth Sports site and contact our office anytime with questions or comments at:
(360) 380-6648


Keith Tom, Jr. - Manager

Sarah Brady - Athletic Coordinator

Jerome Toby - Activities Coordinator

Laura Porter - Office Assistant


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